We went to the mall for halloween because just like last year, it was raining. Most of the stores ran out of candy by the time we arrived about 30 minutes after everything started last year, so this year we went to a different mall.

Edible Pumpkin Spice Play Doh

I found this recipe for gluten free edible play doh online and thought it was too easy to make to pass up. It's literally only three, yep THREE, ingredients!


Other than photos, videos are really the only other way to capture moments and growing up my family took a looot of videos of all the kids in our family. I should probably find a way to convert those old vhs tapes to dvd format sometime soon. They're fun to look back on and I want Cayden to have that too.

When I was pregnant, I was looking up a Tim Tam Slam video (lol) on YouTube and stumbled upon itsJudysLife. This was around the time when the twins had just been born so of course being pregnant myself, I wanted to see more of what parenthood would really be like. I started watching more of her videos and found it interesting that she would record every day of her life. Then it kind of blew my mind when I realized that her children could look up what they were doing on any given day. They've literally been recorded every. single. day. since they were born! I then looked up more daily vloggers and eventually found the Shaytards, Sacconejolys, and BFvsGF. The more I watched, the more I wanted to start vlogging as soon as Cayden was here.

Young and Doin' The Damn Thing

To start off, I'm 22 years old. While a majority of 21 year olds are finally legally barhopping I was 8 months pregnant. Not that I was ever one to go barhopping and partying in the first place. I may not have a college degree yet but I am a sophomore in Motherhood. Did you catch yourself judging yet?

Chia Pudding

Let's talk about chia! Currently a new obsession of mine and I put it in everything now. I'll sprinkle some on top of my acai bowls, blend some with my smoothies, and of course make chia pudding. I probably have it at least three times a week because of how easy it is to prepare before heading to bed. I'll wake up the next morning and it's all ready to go! My favorite pudding is tapioca so the first time I tried chia pudding I was hooked since it had the same consistency. Cayden enjoys it too so it's a quick and filling breakfast for the both of us. On top of all that, they come with so many benefits. They're full of antioxidants, keep you full and energized, and they have tons of protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Self Confidence (or lack thereof)

Fair warning: it's about to get real real.

Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, all I feel is an overwhelming sense of loathing for my body. My body that kept me alive and healthy for 22 years without even so much as a broken bone. The body that carried a child for 9 months, birthed it, then provided and continues to provide comfort for him. How could I ever resent that? As much as I hate the term "mom bod", it's just what it is. Plain and simple. Of course me being me, I turn it into something that can be joked about in person but I feel like I am just riddled with insecurities. So much so that it feels crippling at times. I'll try on outfit after outfit and end up with a stack of hangers and a pile of clothes I just feel like throwing away. I'll hold on to my love handles and notice flaw after flaw.. after flaw.

Creative Ruts Suck

When things like creative blocks happen.. well, it takes a damn good while to get back up from them. I used to just log into Tumblr and scroll through my dashboard and my old posts to get a glimmer of inspiration and a spark going in my brain, but then it became too overwhelming for me.

"Creativity is not a competition."

Aloha Friday

A few photos from today! It should be noted that his hair is usually really curly and poofy but today it was straight for some reason? He's also running in about 90% of photos I take of him nowadays haha.

Playing with Jello!

It feels like forever since I've posted anything on here! I just thought I'd post some photos from an activity we tried last week. All it included was Jello, and a little bag of new toy animals that he's never seen before.

Mother's Day

I asked Adrian if we could take Cayden to the Seattle Children's Museum and so we did just that! We only got a few photos on our phones and vlogged most of our time there. There was so much to do! I loved seeing his little face trying to process everything his eyes were seeing. What better way to spend mama's day than by seeing my little dudes face light up, right? That's what the day should be about. Not material gifts or any of that nonsense, but by remembering that someone made you a mama and that they're the reason you get to celebrate the holiday.

Cayden's Current Favorite Reads

Cayden is such a little bookworm! He loves to read and throughout the day will go up to his books, pick one, and walk over to either Adrian or I holding it up wanting us to read it to him. It's impossible to say no when he just stands there waiting with it in his hands! Multiple times I've stopped what I was doing in the kitchen and sat down on the floor to read him something. More often than not, when it's suspiciously quiet and I'll check to see what he's doing, he's usually busy flipping through books and looking at all the pictures on the pages. It's still funny to me. It's extra awesome when he "reads" by himself and recognizes pictures of animals/items and you can hear his little voice either naming them or making what sound they make!

Zoo Trip

I've been wanting to take Cayden to the zoo for a while now so we went this weekend! As soon as we woke up we showered and got ready to go and were out the door by 930. It was just supposed to be a cloudy morning and not start raining until noonish which is when we were planning to leave for Cayden's nap anyway. Lo and behold, halfway to the zoo it started pouring on the freeway.

Solly Baby

Whenever I used to pull out my Solly Baby wrap, I'd get the weirdest looks and I knew exactly what they were thinking. "What is that thing?!" I'd always respond to their looks before they even said anything out loud with, "I swear it's not that hard to put on!" Wraps can look intimidating and may sometimes seem like you're getting ready to mummify yourself, so I thought I'd show you how easy it actually is! By no means am I a baby wearing expert, so please be kind.

Life Lately: According to Snapchat

Snapchat is one of my favorite apps and I enjoy seeing bits and pieces of everyones days, as well as sharing parts of mine. I was clearing out my phone to transfer everything onto the external hard drive and thought I might as well compile a video of some of the snaps I've saved over the past few months. These are all from 2016 so far :) If you want to add me, my snap name is: cdozen

Apple Cinnamon Ring Pancakes

Ever since we switched from homemade purees and started doing baby led weaning at 7 months, I had to start racking my brain for how to get creative with meals for Cayden.

Pike Place

With Ashley still in town, we went to Pike Place to show her around. You know, the typical touristy things.

A Day at the Space Needle

After living here for two going on three years without going up the Space Needle, yesterday we finally made a visit with Adrian's sister, Ashley. It was the perfect day for it because it was actually sunny and WARM which was refreshing because we've been having a lot of rain lately.

New Vlog

Just uploaded a new vlog! It's a little shorter than most and it's a bit late. Actually a lot late. To be honest, I just haven't felt like vlogging much lately. I feel like they're always just filled with the same content: grocery shopping, cooking, eating, etc. Then I realized that although it may be boring to others, it's our life. Literally. When we look back on these videos we'll remember all the funny little things we would have forgotten otherwise. That was enough to have me pick up the vlogging camera again. I recorded some stuff this weekend so there should be a new video up sometime this week as well! 

If you decided to watch it, thank you! We appreciate you. xx

Green Juice

After making multiple versions of green juice with various fruits and veggie combinations, I decided this was my favorite one. It's not too sweet, but it doesn't taste like I'm eating straight up algae from the ocean.

Cayden's Birth Story

Let's start with the night before.. 

I was really craving a PB&J smoothie from Jamba Juice --it sounds disgusting but it's a real thing and it's amazing. It was already 8 something pm and on Yelp it said every Jamba closed at 9 except for one, so we headed over to that one. In the end, it was closed, and I was standing outside the door like an angry pregnant lady who didn't get her smoothie. At 9 pm. Sooo rational of me right? I firmly believe being stressed out over a smoothie was enough to put me into labor at 38 weeks. Our moms were supposed to fly up from Vegas to be with us but it ended up just being us two since he came early!



I've been entertaining the idea of creating a blog, but I wasn't sure whether or not I really wanted to add another social media platform for me to manage on top of "mom life".

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