Mother's Day

I asked Adrian if we could take Cayden to the Seattle Children's Museum and so we did just that! We only got a few photos on our phones and vlogged most of our time there. There was so much to do! I loved seeing his little face trying to process everything his eyes were seeing. What better way to spend mama's day than by seeing my little dudes face light up, right? That's what the day should be about. Not material gifts or any of that nonsense, but by remembering that someone made you a mama and that they're the reason you get to celebrate the holiday.

We spent the morning at the museum before his nap, then we played out on the giant playground outside and left before our parking thing was up. The last time we were there he wasn't too into the fake grass hills, but this time he couldn't get enough. It was so funny seeing him run down the hill full speed so much less afraid than last time. He knocked out in the car within 5 minutes! Then we had sushi for lunch and crab for dinner. Yummzz. My favorite time of day is dinner because we sit at the table and spend that time together talking. Yesterday was a particularly good dinner. Not just because of what we were eating but because we couldn't stop laughing. Adrian taught Cayden how to say "mean" because I ate all his blueberries when I thought he was done with them but he started crying because he wanted more LOL. "Mommy's MEAN." Sometimes my face and stomach hurt from laughing/smiling so hard because of these two. Later on that night I couldn't help but think that *wow. they're mine and I love them so much*. Sounds super sappy but how is one supposed to go about writing a post about their Mother's Day without saying something cheesy?

Not done with the cheese by the way. Motherhood is by far the hardest, most thankless, most rewarding job in the world. I have learned patience, selflessness, compassion, and so much more just from this child being in my life this past year and a half. Not going to lie, sometimes it's hard to remember that you, yourself, are a human being that needs to take care of yourself too. I just wish I could eloquently express what being a mama feels like, but I have no words. You have no idea what you're capable of until you have another human you'd do anything for. He is my heart beating outside of my chest and I can't imagine what life would be like without this tiny potato of mine. I mean, at 17 months I still stare at him when he sleeps in complete disbelief of how beautiful he makes life.

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