Mother's Day

I asked Adrian if we could take Cayden to the Seattle Children's Museum and so we did just that! We only got a few photos on our phones and vlogged most of our time there. There was so much to do! I loved seeing his little face trying to process everything his eyes were seeing. What better way to spend mama's day than by seeing my little dudes face light up, right? That's what the day should be about. Not material gifts or any of that nonsense, but by remembering that someone made you a mama and that they're the reason you get to celebrate the holiday.

Cayden's Current Favorite Reads

Cayden is such a little bookworm! He loves to read and throughout the day will go up to his books, pick one, and walk over to either Adrian or I holding it up wanting us to read it to him. It's impossible to say no when he just stands there waiting with it in his hands! Multiple times I've stopped what I was doing in the kitchen and sat down on the floor to read him something. More often than not, when it's suspiciously quiet and I'll check to see what he's doing, he's usually busy flipping through books and looking at all the pictures on the pages. It's still funny to me. It's extra awesome when he "reads" by himself and recognizes pictures of animals/items and you can hear his little voice either naming them or making what sound they make!

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