Pike Place

With Ashley still in town, we went to Pike Place to show her around. You know, the typical touristy things.

A Day at the Space Needle

After living here for two going on three years without going up the Space Needle, yesterday we finally made a visit with Adrian's sister, Ashley. It was the perfect day for it because it was actually sunny and WARM which was refreshing because we've been having a lot of rain lately.

New Vlog

Just uploaded a new vlog! It's a little shorter than most and it's a bit late. Actually a lot late. To be honest, I just haven't felt like vlogging much lately. I feel like they're always just filled with the same content: grocery shopping, cooking, eating, etc. Then I realized that although it may be boring to others, it's our life. Literally. When we look back on these videos we'll remember all the funny little things we would have forgotten otherwise. That was enough to have me pick up the vlogging camera again. I recorded some stuff this weekend so there should be a new video up sometime this week as well! 

If you decided to watch it, thank you! We appreciate you. xx

Green Juice

After making multiple versions of green juice with various fruits and veggie combinations, I decided this was my favorite one. It's not too sweet, but it doesn't taste like I'm eating straight up algae from the ocean.

Cayden's Birth Story

Let's start with the night before.. 

I was really craving a PB&J smoothie from Jamba Juice --it sounds disgusting but it's a real thing and it's amazing. It was already 8 something pm and on Yelp it said every Jamba closed at 9 except for one, so we headed over to that one. In the end, it was closed, and I was standing outside the door like an angry pregnant lady who didn't get her smoothie. At 9 pm. Sooo rational of me right? I firmly believe being stressed out over a smoothie was enough to put me into labor at 38 weeks. Our moms were supposed to fly up from Vegas to be with us but it ended up just being us two since he came early!


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