Has this tiny human really only been a part of our lives for 15 months?! He is such a ham. This funny boy knows what sounds a cow and pig make, is insanely clumsy, knows where his head/nose/tongue/feet/ears are, loves sharing everything he eats with Kona, tries to brush his own hair after a bath, guzzles smoothies, looves all his cars and goes "vrooom", is seriously like a real life Sour Patch Kid (screaming, then smiling and coming over for a hug), can recognize the patterns in the books we read, gets excited when it's time to brush his teeth, grabs his shoes and tries to put them on, is constantly talking talking talking, thinks "NO" means "YES?", will stop and dance to anything with a beat, and makes sure if he kisses one of us, he always has to kiss the other so neither mommy or daddy gets left out.

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