I've been entertaining the idea of creating a blog, but I wasn't sure whether or not I really wanted to add another social media platform for me to manage on top of "mom life".
Let's count them off, shall we? Flickr, two tumblrs (a personal one from high school, you know the drill // a photography one),
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, a few portfolios for my photos because I wasn't sure which platform I wanted to keep, and two YouTube channels (one for vlogging // one for my booktube* videos). Mind you, half of those I've abandoned over the years and I'm probably going to delete most of those right after I post this. Not quite time for spring cleaning yet, but it's never too early for a little decluttering. I also haven't written in such a long time and I don't want this to be half-assed. Even if it is just how I write.

Anyway, I figured this would be as good a platform as any. I can finally have a proper space to post all the photos of Cayden, post a few recipes here and there, link my YouTube videos, share a few mommy posts, and it'll be the perfect excuse to get back into picking up my camera(s). I might even backpedal a little bit and post some photos I've taken over the months that I never got to share! Not sure how many people will actually check in on this blog, but if you're reading this, HELLO my name is Camille! I'm a mommy of one human and one pup. I currently live in Washington state with my little family and am looking forward to updating this blog. Please be kind!

*Yes, booktube is a thing. It's a YouTube community that is all about - you guessed it - BOOKS. Book reviews, book hauls, monthly reading wrap ups, readathons, etc. I swear, there's a community for everyone on that website. Whether it be gadgets/technology, music, beauty, books, mommy channels, comedy, gaming, there's guaranteed to be a YouTube community for you.

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