Zoo Trip

I've been wanting to take Cayden to the zoo for a while now so we went this weekend! As soon as we woke up we showered and got ready to go and were out the door by 930. It was just supposed to be a cloudy morning and not start raining until noonish which is when we were planning to leave for Cayden's nap anyway. Lo and behold, halfway to the zoo it started pouring on the freeway.

Solly Baby

Whenever I used to pull out my Solly Baby wrap, I'd get the weirdest looks and I knew exactly what they were thinking. "What is that thing?!" I'd always respond to their looks before they even said anything out loud with, "I swear it's not that hard to put on!" Wraps can look intimidating and may sometimes seem like you're getting ready to mummify yourself, so I thought I'd show you how easy it actually is! By no means am I a baby wearing expert, so please be kind.

Life Lately: According to Snapchat

Snapchat is one of my favorite apps and I enjoy seeing bits and pieces of everyones days, as well as sharing parts of mine. I was clearing out my phone to transfer everything onto the external hard drive and thought I might as well compile a video of some of the snaps I've saved over the past few months. These are all from 2016 so far :) If you want to add me, my snap name is: cdozen

Apple Cinnamon Ring Pancakes

Ever since we switched from homemade purees and started doing baby led weaning at 7 months, I had to start racking my brain for how to get creative with meals for Cayden.

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