Zoo Trip

I've been wanting to take Cayden to the zoo for a while now so we went this weekend! As soon as we woke up we showered and got ready to go and were out the door by 930. It was just supposed to be a cloudy morning and not start raining until noonish which is when we were planning to leave for Cayden's nap anyway. Lo and behold, halfway to the zoo it started pouring on the freeway.
We decided to ditch the diaper bag, camera, and stroller and just put him in the Ergo and bought an umbrella at the gift stop. It was actually really fun rain and all. Duh. Seattle. There was a carousel there and it was so funny watching his face while he was on it. The whoooleee time he just made sounds (woow, weee, etc.) and when we got off he started screaming because he wanted more haha. We left around 130 and he knocked out in the car.

This is one of the only photos I got because I mostly vlogged our time there:

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