Cayden's Current Favorite Reads

Cayden is such a little bookworm! He loves to read and throughout the day will go up to his books, pick one, and walk over to either Adrian or I holding it up wanting us to read it to him. It's impossible to say no when he just stands there waiting with it in his hands! Multiple times I've stopped what I was doing in the kitchen and sat down on the floor to read him something. More often than not, when it's suspiciously quiet and I'll check to see what he's doing, he's usually busy flipping through books and looking at all the pictures on the pages. It's still funny to me. It's extra awesome when he "reads" by himself and recognizes pictures of animals/items and you can hear his little voice either naming them or making what sound they make!

Anyway, I figured I'd do a monthly post on his "current favorite reads" and pick the top 5 books he's been recently gravitating towards :)

^He received How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors for his birthday and it has different dinosaurs on each page. He also likes How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten?.^

^Another book he received for his birthday, Hickory Dickory Dock is just composed of popular nursery rhymes so it's fun to sing them out loud.^

^Of course Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See is always a popular childhood favorite! His favorite page is of the "goggy" because.. duh.^

^I actually found 123 San Francisco at Goodwill! I love how simplistic it is and how it incorporates actual pieces of the city in it. By the way, Goodwill and Ross are great places to find books to add to your child's collection. ^

^He's been obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED) with dinosaurs (wah-zours) lately, so naturally I had to include more than one dino book. This one is Hello, Arlo. ^

Being such a book lover myself, you can imagine my excitement when my child showed interest in reading. I know they aren't for everyone, and who knows if this will even stick with him as he gets a little older but I'll take what I can get!

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