Apple Cinnamon Ring Pancakes

Ever since we switched from homemade purees and started doing baby led weaning at 7 months, I had to start racking my brain for how to get creative with meals for Cayden.
I know that might sound ridiculous because he's a baby and would literally eat a worm if we let him, but I felt guilty giving him the same boring stuff. I've kind of sort of been obsessed with pancakes since my first time going to Babystacks Cafe and seeing all the different ways you can make PANCAKES. Well obviously I couldn't feed my then not-even-one-year old red velvet pancakes and I thought he was probably tired of blueberry pancakes, and I was terrified of giving him apple slices no matter how thin and small for fear of him choking, so I found this recipe on Pinterest. It's fairly simple and straightforward so for those mamas looking for something new and quick to make this could be an idea! This could be good for ages 6mo and up. (Remember that you know your baby best and if they're not ready for this, you can always save this idea for later on... or make this for yourself :)) 

  • Apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter
  • Pancake mix

For the pancake mix I just use Krusteaz and follow the directions on the bag/box because come on.. ain't nobody got time to make pancakes from scratch when you could just add water. 

Next I heat up the pan on med and add a little butter while I get started on slicing my apple. On Pinterest it says to use an apple slicer but I just use a knife to slice and core. Cut them as thin as you'd like, and remember that they'll soften up once you cook them. 

Coat each slice with pancake batter and place on pan. Lower the heat to about low/med and cook them the way you would a regular pancake and you're done! If you didn't cut them too thick and you turned the heat down, your apple pancakes should be nice and soft for baby to bite into. 

I like to add a little bit of cinnamon on top and if you'd like, you could add some vanilla extract into the pancake mix before coating your slices. 

That's pretty much it! Nice and quick right? Did you notice how I added absolutely no sugar? Makes me feel even better giving it to my babe! You can also do this with other fruit like pineapple! In addition to the pancakes I'll give Cayden some yogurt or another fruit like a banana/berries/whatever we have on hand. You could also top the pancakes with some jelly or a nut butter for the older babes. This time, I made a kind of apple compote with the leftover apple slices that I didn't use. It was just butter, nutmeg, and cinnamon. 


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