A Day at the Space Needle

After living here for two going on three years without going up the Space Needle, yesterday we finally made a visit with Adrian's sister, Ashley. It was the perfect day for it because it was actually sunny and WARM which was refreshing because we've been having a lot of rain lately.
There was also a giant playground that seriously looked like it was made for adults because of how tall it was, but there were children climbing up the rope maze so easily. Oops. The wait to get up to the observation deck was a few hours so we decided to get a blast pass to bypass the line. Not going to lie, Cayden was not having it up there! He recently started doing this thing where he'd just drop to the ground when we're walking and holding his hand. Aaaaalmost getting to the tantrum stage in public. Not ready for that. The view from the observation deck was phenomenal and I fell in love with Seattle all over again. We don't get to visit too often because we live in the outskirts and Adrian hates driving in town, but when we do, I just love taking everything in. The buildings are so beautiful! Anyway, below are some photos from our day. :)

Cayden always stands and observes when we first get to a new place. He doesn't move for a while, he just looks at his surroundings like a shy boy.
He has this weird thing about textures. Well I suppose you could say textures in large quantities? He freezes up and makes the face he made in the photo above like he's disgusted and doesn't know what to do with himself.
Here he is in the pebble pit thingamajig about to trip but using all his leg strength to prevent himself from having to fall in the rocks and ruining his day.
I have a funny story about the little boy in the photo above. I was wearing Birks and he came up to me ever so slowly, and poked my big toe nail. Then he left LOL. I think it's because my toe nails are painted red and he thought they were like a big red button that he just needed to press. It was so random, but so funny. Babies you guys, babies.
Me trying to hide the snacks I used to bribe Cayden into a picture.
 Just this week, Cayden learned how to sign "please". It makes me especially excited because I've been trying to teach him since before he was even a year old and it finally stuck! This morning we were working on "thank you" and he's starting to get that too.
There were these giant spiders on the roof of these buildings for who-knows-what reason, but they shouldn't be there!! Or anywhere in the world for that matter!! (I hate spiders)
Isn't Seattle beautiful?
 There was a giant touch screen wall where you could view trending tags about the Space Needle. For example, they had trending selfies. 
His face whenever he sees a dog. 
His scrunchy face smile makes me smile! 
This photo makes me laugh because it looks like he's about to dougie or something. Does it not?
 Then we ate hot dogs because we were hungry and couldn't wait until we got home to eat. 
**We use a backpack as our diaper bag because we find it easier to carry. Would anyone be interested in seeing a "What's In My Diaper Bag" blog post?** 

Afterwards, we went back to the park and played but I left my camera in the car so I could play with Cayden without a big camera in my face. I did still manage to get a few iPhone photos though.
I brought him up close to the water fountain so he could splash around and stomp in the puddles but he hated it. Again, I think it was a big texture thing haha.
Ashley took this one of us three when we were swinging Cayden by the arms. I love it so much. We rarely get any photos of us three together. At the most, once every few months or so. This day we happened to get TWO family photos (minus Kona). Well I guess you could say three if you count the one of us getting hot dogs haha. Then we ended the day with a trip to Trader Joe's aka my sacred palace and some carne asada fries for dinner!

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