Playing with Jello!

It feels like forever since I've posted anything on here! I just thought I'd post some photos from an activity we tried last week. All it included was Jello, and a little bag of new toy animals that he's never seen before.
I would suggest lining the bowl you use to put your Jello in with saran wrap because I totally spaced and forgot to do that and it was hard to flip it onto a plate lol.

He was painting one time and stuck his thumb in the paint. Next thing I know he just sticks his thumb right in his mouth! Haha so I figured since he's still doing things like that why not try a sensory activity that would be safe for him to put in his mouth.
^I know this is blurry but his initial reaction to the feeling of Jello was so funny.

^Checking out his find!
^Lol! It took a while for him to actually taste it, and he made this face when he did.

Sorry if that was an overload of similar photos! I tried to narrow it down as much as I could. I'd definitely suggest this because it was so easy to do! Maybe save it for a rainy day activity indoors when you're stuck inside. :)

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