Creative Ruts Suck

When things like creative blocks happen.. well, it takes a damn good while to get back up from them. I used to just log into Tumblr and scroll through my dashboard and my old posts to get a glimmer of inspiration and a spark going in my brain, but then it became too overwhelming for me.

"Creativity is not a competition."

I read this a while ago and it has stuck with me since. Too often it's hard to not get caught up with feeling like everything is a race or competition. The thing for me is STILL trying to find my niche and how I can wedge myself into the world creatively. I am a giant list person. I write down lists for anything and everything. Lists of goals, lists of ideas, etc. Then I'll break them down and make bullet points and even more lists within lists. Do I sound crazy yet?! Anyway, I get discouraged when I think about how many people have probably already executed the ideas I've written down, or are planning to do them and it will make me look like a copycat. Or it won't come out how I pictured them in my head and I'll feel like a complete failure and fall into yet again, another creative block.

Am I just not cut out for this if it's taking so long and others are able to achieve it so quickly? Am I just slacking? Have I missed my chance? I also need to remember that numbers do not define my worth.

I'm sure this all sounded like my brain just threw up all over the screen, but since this is technically my "journal", I've been needing to get this off my chest. Photography is (after my family) the love of my life and I know in my heart that I'll get where I want to be someday, but right now I just remember to never do it for the wrong reasons.

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