We went to the mall for halloween because just like last year, it was raining. Most of the stores ran out of candy by the time we arrived about 30 minutes after everything started last year, so this year we went to a different mall.
I was surprised by how much candy there still was when we left an hour and a half later! It really sucks that they only hand out one piece of candy per child instead of a handful the way they do when you go door-to-door though. Cayden didn't get much candy for himself (ME) but that's okay. He actually didn't even seem that interested at all haha. As soon as he got his balloon animal thing he could care less about anything else. At one point he saw another little boy dressed up as Woody (he's SO obsessed with Toy Story right now) and threw his hands up saying "SKY!!' meaning "reach for the sky!" He's so funny.

It was so fun to see everyones Halloween photos on Instagram and all their creative costumes! Looking forward to next year already. :)

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