Other than photos, videos are really the only other way to capture moments and growing up my family took a looot of videos of all the kids in our family. I should probably find a way to convert those old vhs tapes to dvd format sometime soon. They're fun to look back on and I want Cayden to have that too.

When I was pregnant, I was looking up a Tim Tam Slam video (lol) on YouTube and stumbled upon itsJudysLife. This was around the time when the twins had just been born so of course being pregnant myself, I wanted to see more of what parenthood would really be like. I started watching more of her videos and found it interesting that she would record every day of her life. Then it kind of blew my mind when I realized that her children could look up what they were doing on any given day. They've literally been recorded every. single. day. since they were born! I then looked up more daily vloggers and eventually found the Shaytards, Sacconejolys, and BFvsGF. The more I watched, the more I wanted to start vlogging as soon as Cayden was here.

The very first one I started filming was on NYE and posted it in January 2015. I started out on my iPhone and editing on the iMovie app haha. I would even upload all my videos to Dropbox just to make space on my phone. Gotta start somewhere! I still wish we had started the day at the hospital when we were expecting him because I think it would be funny to see how we were acting while anxiously waiting to meet our new favorite person.

I made it a goal to post one video a week. A few months later we finally went to Best Buy and got a little point and shoot to start using and a laptop to edit on. Changed everything completely! 

I'm going to be honest and sometimes I just don't want to vlog because I either feel ugly, annoying, or uninteresting and just don't want to record anything at all. (I haven't watched our first few videos in months because it makes me cringe how bad they were lol) Then I go back and watch old vlogs from when Cayden was only 6 months old and get so happy to be brought back to those times. I always say that while there are thousands of photos, if it wasn't for vlogging, I would have definitely forgotten a lot of the little moments that went on. I can't believe we're already on #85!! Who would have ever thought I'd actually continue on with this for this long?!

Anyway, I just keep reminding myself that no, I don't have to record if I don't want to and I should always do it because I genuinely love it and want to. I also tell myself that it's not only for us, but all of our family that live states away and want to watch him grow up too since they only get to see him every few months or so. We don't even have a large subscriber count or get very many views, but I continue uploading every week anyway for our family. Adrian still doesn't like being in them lol but he'll record some stuff here and there! 

As for making it a daily thing, I don't think our lives are interesting enough to start doing that anytime soon haha. It's also harder than it looks! Finding time to edit every day is difficult when you feel like you have a million other things you need to be doing. I kind of dipped my toes in the water of daily vlogging while we were on vacation last winter, but even just doing that week and a half was a challenge. That being said, I give soo much credit to those who do it every day. It's hard! Right now posting every week or so is working out pretty well for us so I'll be sticking to that since it's way more feasible. 

I go through some phases with who I enjoy watching because, as you can imagine, it does get pretty repetitive watching peoples daily lives lol. My current favorites are BFvsGF (they stopped doing it daily though), FunForLouis, Casey Neistat, Daily Bumps, and obviously itsJudysLife.

  • Get an external hard drive!! I can't stress this enough haha. This doesn't even necessarily pertain to the subject of this post, but just in general it'd be good to get. I clear out my phone bimonthly and label the folder accordingly. 1 TB should be perfect.
  • Don't feel like you can't make videos just because you don't have a camera. There is nothing wrong with iPhone quality and I mean.. have you seen those commercials for the new video quality?! Unreal. The only thing I would say would be to bring the audio up once editing. 
  • If you do decide to purchase a camera, I would go for a good ole point and shoot. I see the Canon G7x and its newer version being used everrryywhere in the YouTube world. Granted, I still use the Canon PowerShot Elph 350 HS. Busted lens and all. I do plan on doing more travel videos with my DSLR and testing out the waters of videography. Eeeeeek! The Sony DSCHX90 is pretty popular as well.
  • If you're too shy to do it in public, just remember that no one really cares as much as you think they do! Sure you'll get a few weird looks here and there but it lasts a few seconds and the chances of you ever seeing them again are slim to none. 
I know not everyone is comfortable with recording themselves, or even putting their lives out in the open for the public to see but you don't even have to post it online! I know you're probably thinking "well I already take a tons of videos of my children so what's the difference?" I just like the style of it all because I cut out all the unnecessary stuff and keep the most important parts all together in one simple video to share with our loved ones and friends. I still keep a lot of it private! You're in control and just try to remember that it'll be so so worth it when you're missing your 8 month old and can easily look back on them standing up with their chubby little legs and gummy grin.

Our latest (and longest) video:

Cayden trying watermelon:

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