Catch Up + Resolutions

A few photos from the past few months:

 ^He's really into small toys.

 ^My boys. I love them.
 ^He still always falls asleep holding at least one toy.

 ^Laying on Kona lol.
 ^My baby baby wearing!

 ^A playdate with some sweet little friends. Those previous two photos taken by my new mama friend Linda.
^16 weeks!

Adrian and I binge watched Black Mirror and I'm obsessed. Everyone needs to watch that show immediately... and while you're at it, check out Shameless lol.

I'm usually not one to make resolutions because I firmly believe in just starting over whenever you feel like it's time for change, but I thought I'd share a few things I've been trying to be more mindful about for a while now.

Being on my phone less in front of Cayden.
It should just be a given right? One of the biggest reasons why I don't feel safe with others watching him is because I know everyone is always buried in their phones and probably not even watching him. Not that I'm "buried" in my phone when he's awake, but I am trying to be more conscious of when I am unlocking my phone to look at notifications when they're so unimportant. I think everyone is guilty of this though.

Less is more.
I know that cluttered surroundings can lead to a cluttered mind. One thing that always affects my mood is a dirty kitchen. If pots and pans are on the stove and there's a sink full of dishes and no room to do anything on the counter, I just feel like hiding. The rest of the apartment is a mess as well, but we have a 2 year old and a toy tornado isn't exactly something we can prevent and it's a good indication of a happy, busy child. :) I just want to throw away/donate everything we don't need and aren't using because lawwwd knows there's so much in this apartment that's just taking up space.

Since becoming a mother, I've definitely felt like I've lost so much of myself. I didn't feel good about myself for the first year he was born and I just felt so ugly! It was honestly just something as simple as getting my eyebrows done that could have fixed it. I started taking the time to get them done when I need to and it makes ALL the difference. It sounds so silly. This time around I want to remember that putting on jeans (that actually fit) instead of leggings can make me feel better about myself. Plus, it's time to stop hoarding all my size 0 clothing that I know deep down I will probably never fit again! Haha. This probably seems selfish and superficial compared to all the other things but it isn't. It took a long time to realize that there's a difference between being selfish and taking care of yourself. As parents, we always put our children before ourselves and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But being happy with ourselves is just as important. How we feel inside, we tend to project outwards toward others and that's why unhappy people treat others the nastiest!

Stop comparing.
Another self-care sub bullet (?) if that's even a thing. Instagram is the devil for insecurities. Of course people are going to post the positives in their lives! Again, after becoming a mom I would always compare myself to other moms and how pretty and put together they always seemed to be. Here I was in house clothes with no makeup on looking and feeling bummy while others would have makeup on and clothes that fit them?! Again, of course people are going to post when they're out and about feeling good about themselves and it's not to make others feel bad about their own selves. And not everyones kids are happy at all times.

Chill. Out.
I guess this ties in with having more patience and it's definitely something I always love about Adrian. He's so calm and collected about everything! Kids are wild and unpredictable so it's better to just roll with the punches especially when you're out in public. If he starts acting up I can feel my face start turning red while Adrian's so calm and silently laughing with Cayden. Imagine how parenthood would be if ZERO judgement existed? Everyone would be so chill and in turn, so many more kids would be chill! I need to take deep breaths and stop giving a f*ck and not compromise the way I parent my child just because I feel like others are watching me with their beady, judgey eyes.

Eat well.
I'm never going to be vegan. I'm never going to go gluten-free/dairy free/paleo/whatever else there is out there, but I heard someone say something on tv that got me thinking: "Eat things that once had a life." (I think this came from Khloe Kardashian's new work out show lol) I guess that sounds a little wrong because I know your mind immediately goes to thinking about animals. It really just means anything that had a life as in grew and lived. Anything that comes out of the ground! Cheetos probably didn't come out of the ground. French fries, however, did technically come out of the ground. ;) Processed foods make you feel so sh*tty no matter how good they can taste sometimes, so here's to having more energy to play with my kid(s)!

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